Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A momentous day

Aug 16th was a momentous day.
The previous day was the day of India's independence from the British. 16th was an equally big day when Indians decided to protest, in a remarkable non-violent fashion, against the Government's unwillingness to tackle corruption.

Guess what, "Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha" - is something we have heard before, Gandhiji's non-violent Satyagraha - we have studied about in our text books, but something equally magnificent started unfolding.
The protestors assembled in huge numbers, the Government tried to stare them down, imprison their marquee leader (Anna Hazare)... but no the protestors held on tight to Ahimsa. and ... yes the Police got the jitters as did the Government, much like the British in the previous millenium.

Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji) had said in as many words many years ago about : The aggression of non-violence - I got to witness today. Yes, several (hundreds) Art of Living volunteers stepped forward and courted arrest. I am very proud of them as are so many others.

What a contrast to the mobs of rioters in England looting and destroying public and private property, or a misguided youth mowing down several people in Norway, here in India there were thousands upon thousands of youths - (perhaps unknowingly) - adhering to the principle of non-violent and peaceful protests. I am sure this will bear fruit! Like Guruji said: From Satyam Param Dhimahi, Satyam eva Jayate will happen naturally,

Exciting times ahead...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Satyam Param Dhimahi

Guruji had said to chant "Satyam Param Dhimahi" in small groups.
(Satyam Param Dhimahi: May truth and divinity permeate my intellect /consciousness)

HE said by this chanting, Satyam eva Jayate (Truth alone will triumph) will then become more and more apparent.

For me, Guruji is a living breathing example of Truth.
I have heard HIM say several times during satsangs that "Truth is that which never changes" and Guruji's point of view is never ever changes.  It may not be immediately obvious sometimes, but with patience and faith - it will ..

It is therefore a matter of great concern when a land whose motto is Satyam Eva Jayate is rife with corruption. But as can be seen, all the various movements are just a sign of how Truth will triumph!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guru Purnima

Immense gratitude to my Beloved Master, for showing me the path, leading me on the path as Sri Sri and as the Light (Guru) within me again and again and again and again and again and again.
Here is a very beautiful video of what Sri Sri spoke after Guru Puja on Guru Purnima (July 15, 2011)
On Youtube  and Art of Living website Art of Living website
To watch again and again and again and again and again and....

Monday, July 18, 2011

In case you missed...

Here is the link to the youtube video of Guruji's interview with News24 Channel

In this HE speaks on a range of topics from the fight against Corruption to other issues in India. HE spoke like a leader and a team player, committed to the goal of establishing a corruption free and prosperous India. At the same time HE didn't shy away from voicing HIS point of view in a very balanced manner.  This was in sharp contrast to some comments posted by anonymous visitors to the blog for an earlier posting of mine on Sri Sri's work with Naxalites.

They were verbal attacks using rather foul language and I chose not to  publish them and was wondering at the tricks that one's mind can play with us. I was left wondering ....How the mind creates its own bubble and one ends up seeing the world  through coloured lenses losing all sense of objectivity and balance.  (Guruji spoke about this during this Guru Purnima, but thats another post....).

Sri Sri as I know HIM - a great honour and privilege

This video was shot around a year ago in the Ashram Studio and surprise of surprises it was featured on the homepage (as visible from India) on Guru Purnima day (July 15, 2011)

What can I say.....
I feel honoured and privileged to have a Guru in my life, that too a Guru like Sri Sri.
Go to  The Art of Living India home page  ( in the main flash image carousel there is an image titled Being with the Master with a  link to the video on youtube).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Conflict Resolution: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Naxals a.k.a DIALOGUE IN ACTION!

The current headline grabber in the newspapers is Naxalism and the Government of India's response to the crisis. It is interesting to see people of different hues taking position and talking and talking and talking....

-  Some would justify the Naxals violence. They would  point out how the corruption and uncaring attitude of Government officials was the reason for Naxalism and use this to justify their violence as a reasonable means of protest
- Others would justify the Governments plan to fight the Naxals
- Others would support the Governments gesture to the Naxals to get into a dialogue and renounce violence
... and keep talking and talking and talking

Lets see what Guruji has to say on this:
HE has said that
- the 'naxal' youths are good and committed people, just disillusioned by the corruption, apathy / non responsiveness from those in power. They are not to be treated  as outcasts, rather  they need some love and tender care.

- HE is willing to take up their cause with the people in Government if they give up their violent means and has urged the public to also support them in their efforts to join the mainstream 
Click here to watch Guruji speak:

Lets see what HE has done..

- HE has convinced several Naxal leaders to participate in the electoral process.
Click to read an article in the Wall Street Journal  and   Another article from The Times of India

- HE has inspired Naxal leaders to lay down their arms and change their approach.

-  Transformed youths who have either received training from Naxalites or  been at the receiving end from the Naxals/Govt (caught in the crossfire), who have resolved to bring about a transformation in the society. Not only have they overcome their personal losses, they have been inspired to  build schools, wells and water pumps,  provide health care facilities and teach meditation!!    Click to read OR Click to watch

I don' t understand these politicians who go on talking about using military force. If  you are really serious about making a difference and want to use force, why not  use the GREATEST FORCE  (love, spirituality)  instead of settling for some small guns and puny bombs!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Conflict Resolution 101 got a new look today.

I was intrigued by the rather novel menu headings -especially Action for Peace and while browsing through the same, it  triggered  this train of thought:

Q: What does it take to create a conflict?/ What are the reasons behind a conflict? ( I thought this was easy)
- Lack  of sattva
- Stress
-  Difference of opinion/religion/political views/upbringing/race/
- Huge egos
- nothing! A conflict can start out of absolutely nothing!

Answer: Any or all of the above and many more that i haven't listed here!!

Q: What is absolutely essential e to resolve a conflict?
- Great diplomatic skills
- Good Education
- Good people skills
- Lot of courage and patience

Answer: Something is missing..., can't say what.  Each answer only seems partially correct and at the same time quite capable of not making  even the slightest difference. There must be some X factor...

Thats when i stumbled upon the following:

-  'White one' unites two warring tribes in Ivory Coast:  About Dipali Patel, a wisp of a girl from Mumbai India, was instrumental in dissolving the mistrust and disharmony between the Deula and Guere tribes in Ivory Coast  (Click on    Sustainable peace in the Ivory Coast  to read more). She and The Art of Living Foundation were honoured by the Ivory Coast Government.

Really interesting,  what all can happen when people meditate together :).